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    I Bought a new hat in Berlin

    Marie looks better in it than I do…

    Here’s Bruce cleaning my famous drum shield. He then asked me for a dollar and I had to shoo him away.

    We played this awesome show in Basel Switzerland called the AVO Sessions with Mary J Blige. Avo is a really successful cigar maker.

    A bird’s eye view of my workspace…

    My view. Becoming one with the road.

    A new interview of Justin and I


    A cool picture from Montreal. Courtesy of Live and Loud Magazine.

    Check out my profile on the Pro Mark website

    Gunna post more info soon.



    Hey Tumblrs!

    I have received all your questions and I’m loving them

    Will get the answers up as soon as I can, but I am trying to find out how to post them somewhere else then my main page.

    Maybe in a different specials answers section

    If anyone is a tumblr buff and knows how to do this. Please let me know. Send it to the ask me anything section.

    Thanks ya’ll


    This is what I look like on stage these days!!! haha

    I think this is from the House of Blues in Houston


    So for my first blog, I have to apologize for starting with a negative story. But here is a cool picture of the moment after a car crash at the corner of 5th and Colorado in Austin Texas.

    I felt bad taking the picture, but everyone was okay and I felt justified.

    I always tried to get into the action with my camera, but sometimes I honestly get scared. Don’t want to intrude or be put in a vulnerable situation. I heard a photographer say something once like:

    "If your shots aren’t producing the results you want, your not close enough"

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